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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

about us governmental officers


Now it has been 12 months I've been working as Hygiene Inspector... not an easy task, but I'll manage.

Working under a lot of pressure.. and working with public is not easy.
for real.

I've heard before that people are always calling public servants like us are lazy, can't be changed or molded into something better, and will always stuck.. in other word... it's a DEAD END profession.

let me change your perception. that DEAD END job does not exist anymore.


Government officers are not lazy anymore. or precisely.. we can't afford to be lazy anymore. There's a huge job task been given at the beginning of the year, which does not includes emergency cases like floods or landslides.

For the fact that sometimes... there's some officers that does not work according to the job scope. Yes, THEY DO EXIST. But, we the real hardworking officers EXISTS TOO.

We are now expected to be dynamic, really good at communicating with public and other governmental agencies, and always expected to perform at our best everyday. Totally the same as the private sectors, yes, no difference.

The stigma.. yes, stigma that we have to live with everyday, as we are called public servants, we are often treated exactly like servants. People or the way we call it 'public', calling the office, making reports on everything (which is always welcomed) in a way that sometimes can't be accepted or tolerated. I've been called 'makan gaji haram', 'tak reti buat kerja', and a lot more. Harsh and vulgar words are normal to me right now. The only thing that makes me survive, is my friends (office friends). We support each other regardless.

About career growth.

It's your own choice. Yes, career growth is a little bit slow here. But I'm determined to move from government office to private organizations anytime I can,  because my main idea is to help people, and help myself grow in a sustainable direction. If the way to grow is by moving out, and try to expand my horizons, I'm willing to try.

If you want to grow within the government office, take up courses, like PTD, or masters, just to develop your mind, so you doesn't become stagnant or people nowadays calls it 'mereput'. 

Of course, not easy, but.... hard challenges shapes people better.

Well. Got to go now. I'll update more later.


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