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Saturday, December 19, 2015

a new me

salam alaik

noting the day is at 18th december 2015... this is my 26th year of my life ..

i think i have to state down my target for next year... before it happens.. and just in case i have the chance to experience 2016....

before i start setting my goals for next year. just a little summary of my 2015.

-i was unemployed for 6 months
-went on 1 interview nearby home.. and got accepted.. (contract for 3 years term)
-worked like hell ( i even slept at landfill because there's some fire over there )
-liked someone and unlike someone
-went for interview for tenure position
-gained a lot of friends that would back me up if anything happens
-feels like relationship with cousins and family becomes closer
-able to give alms and buy what i want and need (*mostly what i want.. :) )
-open for 2016 challenges

My goals for next year

-write up some journal...
-try to begin my masters course
-finding someone worthy to take care of me
-start saving more than RM300 per month
-start spending money wisely (as I should have what i want by the end of the year)
-try to become fit and take care of my body better
-appreciates and understands nature better
-start saving for my own overseas vacation

*well. I don't put my religious goals here. I don't have to write that down. I have it on my mind all year long. :)

Well. All the best for you guys.

I really do apologize for everything I've done. And I hope that you have a really good year. Amin

Have fun!


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